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Swapping legs on Figures


I'm interested in swapping the legs from a taller Aragorn (I was reading a post on another thread that said that the TTT Aragorn, bow shooting-not HD, was taller than the other Aragorn's. Is this true?) with the King Aragorn that will be in the Coronation set.

I don't really care that the leg armor doesn't match, I just want poor Aragorn to look the same height as Arwen.

I don't mind if the leg is stiff or held in place with a pin or something, I just don't want it to fall off.

Any help will be greatly appreciated :-)
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Smeldo Stinkins
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Re: Swapping legs on Figures

There is a couple of ways to approach this. From what I understand, you want to make the King Aragorn taller because he is such a runt. I've done this twice to this figure, both times different ways. He needs to be about 1/2in taller to be the same hight as the other Aragorns. On both of them that I did I turned the mail skirt around so the look of the leg joint wasn't important. If you dont mind loosing articulation at the waist, I would probably try sawing the figure apart at the waist to get to the leg joints, it is a bit easier than trying to cut the entire torso apart. Once you get the "groin" area apart you should be able to use many different figures legs, as long as they fit the holes and hight requirements. What ever legs you use, I would suggest keeping the King Aragorns legs from the knees down, since they are pretty exposed on the figure. That is my 2 cents, hope this helps. You can PM me if you want to talk about it more.
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No More Mr. Nice Guy
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Re: Swapping legs on Figures

I made my Knig Aragorn taller by slicing his legs off at a point just above the knee jointthen I used sculpy to add in about a half inch as smeldo suggested to each leg. Cook at 250 for about 8 minutes. After the figure cools, sand down any rough spots on the sculpy and paint the legs so the color is even. Turning around the mail skirt will also hide any evidence sculpy was used and it makes the figure more movie accurite.
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Re: Swapping legs on Figures

Hmmm... thanks for the sugesstions...not sure which method I'll use. Thanks for answering.
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Talking northfacejackets

links removed.

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